About the National Evaluation

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) contracted with Abt Associates and its partners The Urban Institute, NORC at the University of Chicago, Capital Research Corporation, and George Washington University to conduct a national evaluation of the 71 Round 4 TAACCCT Grants. Each grantee engaged a third-party evaluator to conduct a rigorous evaluation of its TAACCCT grant. The national evaluation comprises the following components:

  • An outcomes study of up to ten grantees that will describe the characteristics of TAACCCT participants, their service receipt, and their outcomes related to education, employment, earnings and receipt of public benefits
  • An implementation study that will document the activities supported with the grant funds, the extent to which the key objectives of the TAACCCT program are addressed, the nature of activities conducted, partnerships involved, and the perceived impacts of the initiative
  • A synthesis of the evaluations conducted by the grantees’ third-party evaluators
  • An employer study that will write my custom paper to build stronger employer relationships

To conduct these studies, the national evaluation team will collect and analyze data and information from participants, the grantees, the colleges involved in the grant activities, and the third-party evaluations. Key data collection activities include:

  • Review of grant materials
  • Analyses of administrative employment and wage data
  • Follow-up survey of training participants in a subset of grantees
  • Implementation research visits to a subset of nine grantees
  • Survey of colleges involved in Round 4 TAACCCT grants
  • Synthesis of third-party evaluation findings

The national evaluation is guided by the following conceptual framework:

TAACCCT Conceptual Framework Description